Staffordshire Ralph Wood Figure Mounted Hubibras Horse Rider Circa 1790 LAM-110

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Figure base measures 4 1/8" by 7 3/8" and he stands 11 1/2" tall
Circa 1790
Wonderful professionally repairs to the horses legs and ears

Made in England Staffordshire figure of Sir Hudibras . This was made by Ralph Wood and has amazing color and details.

This was taken from Wikipedia on 3/2/2021 please feel free to do further research. Hudibras is an English mock-heroic narrative poem from the 17th century written by Samuel Butler. Published in the aftermath of the English Civil War, it is a scathing satire of Puritanism and the Parliamentarian cause from a Royalist perspective. The epic tells the story of Sir Hudibras, a knight errant who is described dramatically and with laudatory praise that is so thickly applied as to be absurd, revealing the conceited and arrogant person visible beneath. He is praised for his knowledge of logic, despite appearing stupid throughout, but it is his religious fervour which is mainly attacked.

Full condition report available on request.