Staffordshire Creamware Liverpool Pitcher - Rowland Crocker Circa 1790-1800

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Staffordshire Creamware Liverpool Pitcher with a polychrome U.S. Ship transfer. Then a very rare chain of the states transfer within reads “God Had Given Us This Era Of Piece” In Latin. Also has the original owners name Rowland Crocker under the spout.

Captain Rowland Crocker was born in 1770 and died in 1852. He spend his life in Massachusetts. He was a whaleman,privateer,merchant captain and Liverpool packet commander. Then he became a state representative and later in life the president of a insurance company. He lived quite an interesting life. A musket ball went through one side of his body and out the other,he shook Napoleons hand, was captured by the French and was rewarded by Lloyd’s for navigating a wreck “The Otis” through a gale in 1807.

The condition of this piece is quite nice with a professional repair to the spout and a crack off the rim. Appears perfect now. Quite a impressive size measures 10 1/2” tall and dates circa 1790’s to the early 1800’s. Pretty incredible and rare to have a Liverpool pitcher with history like this. Plus having very rare transfers and quite a nice polychrome ship. Please view my pictures for further condition and feel free to ask me any questions. Satisfaction guaranteed.